Software for hydrology, meteorology, geoscience & data science.
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HydroOffice is a comprehensive software package for hydrology, meteorology, geoscience and data science. Package includes 17 independent tools. Each tool is focused on a selected problem e.g. well log plotting, baseflow separation, data cleaning or statistical graphics. These tools can effectively complement your toolbox for everyday work.

With HydroOffice you can simply and easily solve a number of problems in the field of hydrology, geology, meteorology and data science.

  • analysis of hydrological extremes
  • flow duration curves computation
  • baseflow and runoff components separation
  • recession curves analysis
  • time series data processing
  • Piper / Durov / Ternary diagrams plotting
  • 1D log plots
  • 2D geological schemes
  • 3D fence diagrams
  • spatial data analysis and visualization
  • visual data exploration and statistical graphics
  • data wrangling

Thousands of functions that can be combined and used for your daily work.


Reduce the complexity of work with variable data types. With HydroOffice you can simply process diverse data analysis in specialized applications that accelerate and streamline your workflow.


No time-consuming data transfer between variety of non-cooperative applications. Carefully selected important features in easy to use interfaces. Accelerate difficult and advanced data analysis.


HydroOffice tools does not close you in one environment and simply cooperates with the currently used programs. Easy to adopt, quick installation, no requirements for other services or libraries.

#What is HydroOffice

Stable and long-term developed software package for geosciences and data science. HydroOffice includes 17 independent tools with more than 80,000 installations in 150 countries.


Individual tools are focused on one selected problem. Easy to use, quick adoption, modern interface & simple architecture. In the case of free tools just download, install and use.


Data cleaning / wrangling / visualization, time-series processing, hydrological calculations, geological data visualization, baseflow separation, recession curves analysis and hundreds of other functions.


Desktop apps requires Windows 7 or higher OS. Add-ins requires also MS Excel 2010 or higher.


Individual tools are released under free or commercial licenses. Commercial licences are perpetual or annual.


Dowload installation packages, demo versions, user manuals and other important materials.

  • Simplicity - eliminate unnecessary steps between the input data and results in easy to use interfaces.
  • Speed - shorten the time between data collection and actionable insights.
  • Security - money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back.
  • Stability - 13 years of experience with geoscience and data science software development and support.


HydroOffice software package includes 17 independent installable tools and has been on the market for more than 13 years. These tools are installed and used on over 80,000 PCs around the world. Users and customers are dominantly statisticians, data scientists, environmental engineers, spatial analysts, geoscientists, hydrologists, meteorologists, marketers and business analysts.