What is HydroOffice

HydroOffice is relatively extensive software package focused on the field of hydrology, hydrogeology, meteorology and environmental engineering. Its development starts as side product of PhD study in February 2006. During these 10 years were individual software tools developed for various purposes. From these tools was finally created one software package under the name HydroOffice.

Currently HydroOffice includes 14 tools that are independent each other, but they have very similar architecture, GUI and uses the same structure of input data. Later I start to develop commercial tools that I need for my daily work as hydrogeologist. On this basis were created tools for time-series data analysis and processing, tool for wells and borehole data visualization or tools for plotting Piper and Durov diagram. These tools saved me and my colleagues hundreds of hours.

For the next development I decide to split software package into individual installable tools. Now are all the tools distributed separately and you can directly install only that you need. You don’t need to create user account and for commercial tools activation you need only activation code.

The development will not stop. Other tools are in development and also existing are gradually updated. With 380 % annual growth in sales, the HydroOffice becomes an important software package for hydrologist and hydrogeologist. Individual tools that consist of more than 1 500 000 rows of code are now installed more than 15 000 times in 150 countries worldwide. Become one of them and benefits from its features.

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