What is HydroOffice

HydroOffice is relatively extensive software package focused on the field of hydrology, hydrogeology, meteorology and data science. Its development starts as a side product of PhD study in 2006. During the last 13 years this project evolves from a small list of simple tools for hydrology to relatively large set of applications with extensive usability. Now the HydroOffice software package forms a list of 17 independent applications that are installed and used on over 80,000 PC's around the world.

Individual HydroOffice tools are independent each other, but they have very similar architecture, GUI and uses similar structure of the input data. Its functionality was always based on my needs at the daily work. The main emphasis was put on the simplicity and effectivity. These tools saved me and my colleagues hundreds of hours.

All the tools are distributed separately and you can install only required. You don’t need any registration, just download - install and use. In the case of commercial tools, you need only the activation code that is transferable between computers.

The development does not end. With 100 - 380 % interannual growth in installations and sales, the HydroOffice becomes an important software package for geo- and data science.