Software for hydrology & hydrogeology

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What is HydroOffice

HydroOffice is stable and long term developed software package for hydrology and hydrogeology. HydroOffice includes 14 independent software tools with more than 1 500 000 rows of code. HydroOffice has around 17 000 installations in more than 150 countries.

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Use only that you really need. Individual tools of HydroOffice cover pretty big area of interest. If you want to use only free tools, download, install and use it. No registration, no emails, no codes. Enjoy the benefits of software as more than 2500 unique users worldwide. Modern look, simple architecture, easy to install.

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Do you need statistically process time series of river discharges? Do you need create Piper or Durov diagram? Are you looking for well log visualization software? Want you to calculate baseflow or analyze recession curves. These and hundreds of other features you can find inside HydroOffice package.

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Software is developed for Windows Vista OS or higher. Software does not require additional software, libraries or paid web services.

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Individual tools are released under free or commercial license. You can choose whether you want to use free or also commercial tools.

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Here you can found all software installation packages, user manuals and other support materials.

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