This tool is designed to assess hydrological drought and flood events. Threshold level or sequence peak algorithm methods can be used to evaluate extreme conditions. Segments with extreme conditions can be statistically processed and visualized.

License: Freeware

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TLM is prepared for the hydrological drought or flood analysis using the threshold level method and method of sequent peak algorithm. Into the program you can import time-series of daily discharges. For threshold level definition is in prepared a comprehensive tool, where you can threshold define and calculate.

Threshold level in program can be defined as:

  • Annually constant threshold level
  • Monthly constant threshold level
  • N-daily constant threshold level
  • Daily threshold level
  • Seasonal (1-4 seasons) threshold level
  • Explicitly defined threshold level

threshol level manager

The following values can be set as the threshold level:

  • Average values
  • Median values
  • Selected percentile values
  • Directly specified values

After the threshold level definition and calculation you can use it for analysis. Although the program was created for the purpose of hydrological drought analysis, is possible also to analyse extremely high values in time-series.

table results

For the analysis of these extreme values you can use classic threshold level method or sequent peak algorithm. Program calculates new time-series of deficits (or reserves). Additionally, program allows you to directly generate statistical table of individual deficit or flood events. Results can be exported from application in table or graphical form.

results in graph