Software for baseflow separation from a hydrogram. The program includes a choice of 11 methods for separation. It includes methods such as local minimum, fixed interval or sliding interval methods; and also methods of recursive digital filters.

License: Freeware

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BFI+ was developed for baseflow separation from daily or weekly time series of river discharges. For these purposes it is possible to use one of 11 separation algorithms:

  • Local minimum method
  • Fixed interval method
  • Sliding interval method
  • One-parameter method
  • Boughton two-parameter method
  • IHACRES (three-parameter method)
  • BFLOW (Lynie & Holick algorithm)
  • Champman algorithm
  • Furey & Gupta filter
  • Eckhardt filter
  • EWMA filter

Using the build-in tool you can evaluate the relation between values of filters parameters and calculated baseflow.

baseflow filtration methods

All the results from calculations can be analyzed and exported in the form of graphs or in tables.

separation parameters callibration

In addition to basic data processing this tool allows you to process multiple input data files in bulk.