The oldest and the simplest tool of HydroOffice software package. The program allows you to calculate extreme (N-daily) values from time-series data.

License: Freeware

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AMn serves for calculation of extreme values, namely minimum or maximum annual average N-daily values. Application was created for hydrology drought analysis. Into the program you can import daily or weekly river discharges or other values (e.g. air temperature, groundwater level, etc.). AMn allows you to calculate the following hydrological characteristics:

  • Annual minimum values
  • Annual maximum values
  • Annual average N-daily minimum values
  • Annual average N-daily maximum values
  • Long-term minimum value
  • Long-term maximum value
  • Long-term average minimum N-daily value
  • Long-term average maximum N-daily value
AMn - result graph

Results can be displayed and analyzed in form of table or graphs.

In addition to described functionality AMn includes features for bulk data processing. You can process multiple time-series files at once. Only select input data files and choose processing function. Program automatically processes all files and stores results to output files.

AMn - mass processing