TS Editor 3.0 Demo

Published on Thursday, April 4, 2013 by Milos Gregor

is now available.

From now, each user that has installed the HydroOffice package in version 2012 can try to work with the Demo version of TS Editor 3.0. This program is designed to work with data sets in the form of time series (discharge, temperature, groundwater level changes, precipitation). This demo version can be installed from the main window of HydroOffice software package. Demo version have gray-colored icon and if you purchase the full version, this will be displayed in the list of installable tools by blue color font. The installation process will take a little longer time than in the case of previous tools, because the installation package contains 92-page user manual and also this software is larger than the previous.

The difference between the demo version and the full version is that into the demo version you can't import your time series. For the testing purposes are automatically loaded into the program four time-series:

  • time series of river discharge measurements from two profiles (Discharge_1 and Discharge_2)
  • time series of daily precipitation totals (Precipitation)
  • time series of daily air temperatures (Temperature)

If you have any question or comments, please feel free to contact me. I'll be glad for any response.