TS Editor 3.0 - new tool for time series data processing

Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by Milos Gregor

This article briefly describes new tool, which will be soon added into HydroOffice package. This tool will be focused on the fast and automatic processing of time series data (river or spring discharges, groundwater level changes, temperatures, etc.).

This is the first tool of HydroOffice package that will be distributed as commercial software. On this tool, I worked the whole previous year. I think, this will be the „flagship“ of the HydroOffice project. Its use is universal and focuses on functions that are not available in other spreadsheets or statistical programs.

The following video shortly describes the range of applications for this program

As you can see, this program is in relation to previous tools smarter, faster and use new GUI. The previous versions (1.0 and 2.0) were used in some local institutions, so the actual version was adjusted according to the use in practice.

Gradually, on this website will be published complete manual (more than 100 pages) and several video tutorials. About the progress I will inform you. In addition to tutorials and manual, will be possible to install the demo version, in which you can try the functionality.

So if you are interested, watch this site.