10,000 downloads of the GIS.XL add-in

Published on Sunday, June 23, 2019 by Milos Gregor

In recent days, we’ve made another milestone. We’ve reached the limit of 10,000 downloads with the GIS.XL add-in.

The add-in is publicly available for 2.5 years. Since I work on this project in one person and it is a very specific product with a small target group, it is a relatively large number. In addition, the free add-in Map.XL has exceeded the limit of 8,000 downloads.

Both products are used on thousands of computers all over the world. This tool was created from the frustration of working with Excel data in the GIS environment. Without any marketing effort, it has expanded itself to users in the field of science / research, geoinformatics, geo-engineering, environmental engineering and marketing. I like this project very much. In all parameters, this is my most successful project.

In the summer I plan to release a new version of the GIS.XL add-in - 3.0. This version will have enhanced support for cooperation with GPS devices (via GPX files). In addition, I plan to change its architecture. Now the add-in works under the MDI architecture, which means you can open only one Map panel in one of several opened Excel windows.

The next version will work hybrid - it will be able to open Map panels in individual Excel windows (SDI architecture) and it will also be possible to send data from multiple Excel spreadsheets to one external Map Window (MDI architecture).

If you have any ideas for new or improved features please feel free to contact me. They may be included in this version.

Originally published at gisxl.com.