HydroOffice in 2016

Published on Sunday, June 19, 2016 by Milos Gregor

In the HydroOffice project I’ve made big changes.

Within the project development I came to the state when it was necessary to make some fundamental changes. These changes are related to website as well as the software. Website problem was that he did not meet requirements of the current time – website was not optimized for viewing on mobile devices that are now widely used. So I prepared completely new website.

The software is also in stage where it is no longer effective to distribute individual tools in one big package. I divided these tools into individual installation packages. Now you can download and install them individually, according to your needs.

As part of these changes I made one more fundamental change. I cancel the need of user account for software download and installation. All user accounts were deleted. Before, if you want to use selected tool, you must have user account and software was installed from the HydroOffice main window.

Similarly, if you wanted to use selected, you must first start HydroOffice and then run tool from the main window. Now, these steps are eliminated and tools launch is significantly faster.

With user account cancellation is also related change in the way of commercial licenses activation. Your licenses are not lost. New license codes will receive via email every holder.

In the following time I plan to contribute more in blog section, where I mostly post tutorials and examples of software practical use. About following information and innovations you will be informed through a newsletter that will be published quarterly. If you don’t want to receive newsletter, you can simply delete your e-mail address here.