New diagramming tools

Published on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 by Milos Gregor

From now there are new installable tools for HydroOffice software package. If you display a list of installable tools, you will find 3 new items.

New tools are:

  • Durov 1.0 Demo
  • Piper 2.0 Demo
  • Ternary 1.0

These new tools can be used for chemical analysis visualization in Piper, Durov and Ternary diagram. The first two (marked as “Demo”) can be used for testing purposes and here you can display a maximum of 5 points in one diagram. Using them you can try if the functionality meets your requirements, before purchase.

The last tool can be used to display data in a Ternary diagram and is released under freeware license, where the maximum number of displayed points is not limited.

These new tools include many new features that cannot be found in other similar programs. As the demonstration see the following video.

The license of demo versions is not limited to specific purposes and therefore if maximum of 5 points in one diagram is sufficient for you, you can use these tools for any purpose.

Overall, now is possible to install in HydroOffice software package 11 independent tools. Except three tools, all are distributed as freeware. Option for licenses purchasing will coming soon.