HydroOffice Licensing

Individual HydroOffice tools are distributed as freeware or as commercial software. Commercial tools you can buy using Avangate.com services. Avangate is an eCommerce provider trusted by thousands of software companies worldwide and offers secure online payments. We will receive your payment via Secured Avangate payment gate by Visa, MasterCard, JCB, PayPal and other.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 30 days coverage after purchase.

One software tool license is tied to one user / computer. You can transfer license between computers according to your needs. At one time can be one license tied only with one computer. After purchasing we will send you the license code to your email.

Following table shows licenses for individual tools.

Tool Version License Price
AMn 2.1 Freeware  
BFI+ 3.0 Freeware  
Durov 1.0 Commercial 99 Eur Buy Now
FDC 2.1 Freeware  
FlowComp 2.1 Freeware  
GIS.XL 2.0 Commercial 199 Eur Buy Now
Kille 3.1 Freeware  
Map.XL 1.0 Freeware  
Piper 2.0 Commercial 99 Eur Buy Now
RC 4.0 Freeware  
Stagraph 1.1 Commercial 199 Eur Buy Now
Ternary 1.0 Freeware  
TLM 2.1 Freeware  
TS Editor 3.0 Commercial 399 Eur Buy Now
Well Plotter 1.0 Commercial 299 Eur Buy Now
Well Plotter 3D 1.0 Commercial 499 Eur Buy Now

You can buy at once one or mulitple tools. Buy Multiple Tools

In the case of any problem or question, feel free to contact me.