HydroOffice Benefits

The origin of individual tools rises always from my needs in daily work as hydrogeologist. Each tool is focused directly to one specialized area. On the other side, for all the tools I use the same structure of input data, identical character of user interface and output are always possible to process in the same ways. So, if you know how to use one tool, you are practically ready to use another one. You only need to know the scientific background behind the tool.

The greatest benefits of HydroOffice software package are:

HydroOffice tools are distributed under two licensing options. Some tools are released as freeware and some are commercial. You can freely choose whether you want to use only free tools or also commercial. For commercial tools you can try to use the functionality a demo versions.

HydroOffice was widely tested and used at my institute and in the result I can say that these tools saves hundreds of hours at various projects, such as hydrogeological maps producing, hydrology modelling, meteorological data processing and visualization, geothermal water evaluation, catchment water balance assessment or also evaluation and analysis of contaminated areas.

These results in effectivity and simplicity can confirm and recommend more than 2500 unique users around the world. HydroOffice software can be found in many places, such as at universities, scientific institutes, government and nongovernment organizations, meteorological, hydrological or geological institutes, armies or environmental companies. You too can benefits from these tools.


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