Reshape.XL Documentation Update

Published on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 by Milos Gregor

Recently, I have been working on the Excel add-in Reshape.XL - on its documentation and video-tutorials. My goal is to make the add-in use as simple and enjoyable as possible.

That’s way I try to support the project with other materials - comprehensive documentation and supporting video-tutorials. This is why the progress is slower than I expected. This week, I completed the documentation of functions from the Reshape group.

Functions in this group are focused on the basic data transformations such as table transposition, grouping, pivoting / unpivoting or flipping. The complete new documentation for described features is here. Introduction of functions from the Reshape group is in the following short video-tutorials.

Flip Table Horizontally and Vertically

Transpose Table

Row to Header & Header to Row

Remove Blank Rows & Columns

Process Data in Groups

Pivot / Unpivot Data